Bring back the sweet memories of your trip to Japan!

Our delicious confections are finished with Japanese delicacy and precision by “Tokyo Banana,” a highly popular brand.
Please take these mouth-watering mementos of your trip to Japan home with you!


  • Nutrition facts of each item indicates outline of the calculation (by Value calculated based on the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan) value per 100grams of item.
  • In addition to the seven allergenic ingredients, twenty items corresponding to the allergenic ingredients are also listed in the "Allegenic ingredients."
  • Every product has described Best Before Date YY/MM/DD
  • All prices include consumption tax.
To the customer who buys as a gift for foreign countries. (Regarding carrying to overseas of our products)

To all our Customers

Some countries have restrictions on the carrying in of foodstuffs such as confectionary.

If you wish to buy the products of our company as souvenirs to take overseas, we recommend that you first check with entities such as embassies of the countries concerned on matters such as whether or not you will be allowed to carry your purchases into the country concerned and quarantine inspections.